Ryusuke Hamamoto live painting

Ryusuke Hamamoto have been stalking him again XDD
he is one of my fav+ artist o>3but haven read any of his comics O_O
I just loves his Illus
stalk from DA to twitter and also just found his blog XDDD

heres a video for his live painting for wacom =w=
nice drawing as usual~

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have been starting to stalk his sites for a week, he has so much of cool stuff to share XDDD
he do blogging, websites, working for a doll company in Tokyo, and has gone for so many interviews for TV show, and etc

another he has the love for figure and anime stuff XDD
I love he blog about his life style
his one of my top blogger to stalk ;D

i'm being such a stalker now days p:

he make me the urge to be a blogger like him, i'll try to update as often as possible XD

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Doing this for CF10 countdown, still working in progress, donno can make it in time cos i have to submit this before Dec 4

having some trouble in coloring the hair ><

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 lazy days

Before going to post any artwork

CF10 is coming and I haven't prepare anything to sell, instead I'm blinking my eyes on the picture that post on other people's blog

I need inspiration >口<

I'm going to spam song until I get any idea on drawing >D

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From now on I'm going to give myself a new start by starting to clean up my old junk here, after a long abandon here XDD

So, i just look through my friend's blog and found a nice song and stole the link here XDD
Since I like this Halloween theme so much, I'm going to use this until the end of the year XDD
Another, I hope I can't train well my skill before CF10'
going to do some commission there ><

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